Raise a cairn… take the stone that culminates there…
further… Lay the stone…
erect a cairn there…

In September 2013, I pick up a stone on a path in northern Alsace. The next day, I will leave for a 7-month pilgrimage, following in the footsteps of those who preceded me on the tragically famous route of the triangular trade.
Ritually, I will mark out my path with cairns.
Under each tumulus, a stone, a fragment of territory from the cairn that preceded it and so on.
Between the two, a strange relationship is woven with each stone picked up.
Strolling stones, sowing mountains, an itinerary, landmarks, landmarks that trace spaces, stories.
On a forest path, almost 3 years later, I erect a cairn on the site of a find, a fragment of animal statuary, a delicate almond eye is engraved in relief.

Raising Caïn means in English “to get carried away violently”, “with anger”... “to wake up Caïn”, “to raise Caïn”.
Cain's debt was until the 19th century a reason for the slave trade in blacks, considered by the church to be the descendants of the fisherman.

The Raising Cai(r)n project has been presented in different forms: from conference/performance to publishing, including installation.

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